Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Royal "We" Have Royal Wood On...

I've actually already put tomorrow's episode to bed because I'll be attending a wedding when I'm normally on air. This special pre-record features an amazing live-in-studio set from Royal Wood who played Islendingadagurinn last weekend and the Park Theatre this Wednesday. He was also gracious enough to sit down for an interview which will air during the second set. All sorts of great new music on tomorrow's show including lead-off track "Trapped In The New Scene" by White Whale recording artist Octoberman. His new record Fortresses is a pretty solid rock album in the vein of Wilco's more recent 'dad-rock.'

Here's what will air in my stead:

Set One: 6:30 - 7pm

Octoberman - Trapped In The New Scene [White Whale Records]
The Envy Corps - Screen Test [Tempo Club]
Vincat - Bells & Whistles [The Hive]
Jesse Matheson - Orgy In Portland [Copperspine Records]
Lightning Dust - The Dreamer [Jagjaguwar]
The Penelopes - Saved [Citizen / Module]
Stew Gunn Band - The Dart [Independent]

Set Two: 7 - 7:30pm

Royal Wood - Weigh Me Down [Live at UMFM]
Royal Wood - I'm So Glad [Live at UMFM]
Royal Wood - Thinking About [Live at UMFM]
Royal Wood - Found [Live at UMFM]
Interview with Royal Wood

Set Three: 7:30 - 8pm

Velodrome - Sonic Triptych (First Panel) [Arctodus]
Velodrome - Sonic Triptych (Second Panel) [Arctodus]
Kronos Quartet - Mugam Beyati Shiraz [Nonesuch]
Yppah - Sunflower Sunkissed [Ninja Tune]
Amanda Blank - Shame on Me [Downtown]
Aufschlag - Begleitautomat [WWFREC]

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