Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brace yourselves, tomorrow's a marathon...

Well tomorrow's show is chock-a-block with talk and some music crammed into every nook-and-cranny. I rarely do this because it makes my ninety minutes a juggling act, but due to a jam-packed calendar of events in and around Winnipeg in the next week there are 5 (yup, 5) interviews on the show tonight. Justin Olynyk - host of Play It Again on UMFM - joins me for the second straight week to discuss the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. The man has been holed up in various venues for several days watching and reviewing fringe plays and he'll be giving me the rundown on the best and the rest of the fest.

Earlier this week I had Saint Kris in to do a live session and interview (co-interviewed by Roger Kimbeni of the great new show The College Draft). Kris dropped a brand new song and talked about where he's headed musically after the B.Y.O.B. mixtape. Kris will be opening for The Happy Unfortunate's July Never Dies CD release show at the Urban Forest this Friday.

Speaking of The Happy Unfortunate, I spoke with one half of the hip-hop duo by phone amidst his busy schedule getting ready for the release show. Malcolm-Jamal Wilson talked about the more balanced split of production and lyric-writing that he and his partner Envoy (Daniel Caneda) managed on this new record. After playing their release show, The Happy Unfortunate will be helping to kick off Islendingadagurinn in Gimli on August long - and on that note, we have our annual talk with Robbie Rousseau about Icelandic Fest and all the free entertainment on the docket [** full disclosure: I'm responsible for programming the Friday night at the pier "Islendingarock" for the first time this year. Little House, The Happy Unfortunate and Cannon Bros. will all be playing that night].

My final interview is with BBQ legend Ted Reader - seriously the dude has BBQ sauces with his name and face on them, that makes him a legend in my book. Ted's coming to town next week (July 31st and August 1st) to promote his new cookbook, Beerlicious Vol. 1 which is all about combining beer and BBQing - who can't get behind that? The cookbook is great and includes lots of recipes involving microbrews and even a few things you can find at the MLCC on the regular. I'll be doing a giveaway on air so definitely keep your dialing fingers primed to call in to win.

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