Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How It Went Down - October 21 & 28, 2011

Somehow I totally missed the boat on posting for the 21st and am a little late on the 28th as well so I'll do 'em up both right now and give you a little preview of this week's show to boot.

On October 21st, I was joined by Kerri-Lynn Reeves and Jen De Los Reyes, the masterminds behind the Manitoba Folkways Collection. Great stuff, and a beautiful looking record to boot. Earlier in the week Lou Canon dropped by for a live session and interview, so I played that. And speaking of live sessions, I managed to get Montrealer David Simard in Friday morning after he played a Big Fun show at The Roost on Thursday night, and P.E.I.'s Paper Lions made a quick stop at the station before heading to the LO Pub.

Here's what I played:

Set One: 6:30 PM - 7 PM

Demetra - "Maiden Of Ice" [Head In The Sand]
Paper Lions - "Pull Me In" [Live at UMFM]
Paper Lions - "Don't Touch That Dial" [Live at UMFM]
Paper Lions - "Stay Here For A While" [Live at UMFM]
David Simard - "Magda" [Live at UMFM]
David Simard - "Good Friend" [Live at UMFM]
David Simard - "Oh My My" [Live at UMFM]
Jenny Berkel - "Here On A Wire" [Independent]

Set Two: 7 PM - 7:30 PM

Lou Canon - "The Dancing" [Live at UMFM]
Lou Canon - "My Girls" [Live at UMFM]
Lou Canon - "Close To Me" [Live at UMFM]
Interview with Lou Canon
Lou Canon - "Heart Of" [Hardwood Records]
Russian Circles - "Schiphol" [Sargent House]

Set Three: 7:30 PM - 8 PM

Interview with Kerri-Lynn Reeves and Jen De Los Reyes
Demetra - "Arctic Sea" [Manitoba Folkways]
Robert Waddell - "Memory Of A Lake" [Manitoba Folkways]


This past week (October 28th) featured a live session with Winnipeg's own Oh My Darling who are releasing Sweet Nostalgia this Saturday (November 5th) at the West End Cultural Centre. They debuted some new songs and answered some questions about the sophomore album. I also spoke to British music journalist Dave Thompson about his most recent book, Bad Reputation: An Unauthorized Biography of Joan Jett, which makes a compelling case for Jett's place in the hard rock and punk pantheons.

Here's what was played:

Set One: 6:30 PM - 7 PM

Electro Quarterstaff - "Japanese Upside Down Cake" [Willowtip]
Oh My Darling - "Roustabout" [Live at UMFM]
Oh My Darling - "Fly Away My Pretty Little Miss" [Live At UMFM]
Oh My Darling - "Mr. Guy" [Live at UMFM]
Interview with Oh My Darling

Set Two: 7 PM - 7:30 PM

Oh My Darling - "Kiss and Tell" [Live at UMFM]
Oh My Darling - "Love Me Love Me Not" [Live at UMFM]
Metal Kites - "Castle" [Independent]
Cai. Ro - "Golden Cup" [Independent]

Set Three: 7:30 PM - 8 PM

Interview with Dave Thompson
The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb" [Touchwood]
Joan Jett - "Bad Reputation" [Blackheart Records]


As for this Friday, November 4th, I'm going to be joined by Shuyler Jansen to discuss his most recent album and his forthcoming visit to Winnipeg. I'll also be talking to Natallie from Snowblink about her album, being in Bruce Peninsula and touring with Ohbijou [playing the West End November 12th!], plus an interview with award-winning author Ami McKay (The Birth House) about her new novel, The Virgin Cure.

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