Monday, June 1, 2009

May 29th Playlist

Totally flaked on putting my playlist from Friday up here. The Dirty Projectors interview didn't end up happening as their label rep couldn't connect with them while they were on the road (speaking of Dirty Projectors, the new album is great, but you wouldn't know it from the performance opening for TV on the Radio at the Walker on Saturday. The sound was abysmal).

I've got the Western States about to record an in-studio today that will air this Friday, June 5th and Dog Day and the F-Holes are still on for live appearances.

Here's the rundown on last week's show:

Set One (6:30-7pm)

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Ladies [Truth & Soul]
Nestor Wynrush - Garbage Hill [Clothes Horse Records]
Bike For Three! - Lazarus Phenomenon [Anticon]
Rock Plaza Central - O Lord, How Many Are My Foes [Paper Bag Records]
James Hill & Anne Davison - Sakura, Sakura [Borealis]
Grizzly Bear - All We Ask [Warp]

Set Two (7-7:30pm)

Field Assembly - Alkali [Independent]
Timber Timbre - Song 1 [Live At Music Trader]
Timber Timbre - Song 2 [Live At Music Trader]
Timber Timbre - Song 3 - I Get Low [Live At Music Trader]
Timber Timbre - Song 4 - There Is A Cure [Live At Music Trader]
Violent Kin - Let Go And Let God [Independent]

Set Three (7:30-8pm)

Animal Names - Frogs In 2010
Phoenix - Lisztomania [Loyaute/Glassnote]
Viva Voce - Good As Gold [Barsuk]
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - Am I Asking Too Much? [Daptone Records]
Fat Freddy's Drop - Pull the Catch [Amplifier]
Grand Analog - Her Daddy (Don't Like Me) [Urbnet]
Tiga - What You Need [Last Gang/Ultra]

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