Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's about time...

After harping on show hosts and volunteers at the station about promoting their radio shows, it's probably high time that I actually got around to doing the same for my own show. So if you're looking for information about upcoming shows, recent interviews and features and playlists of what I've featured on Thank God It's Free Range, this will be the place. (Of course playlists are always available here as well).

I've been a bit sporadic of late what with the birth of my son, who will be seven weeks old tomorrow. Plus I missed a show or two for the Goldeyes Opening Game at CanWest Park and a Moose playoff game. But things are getting back on track and I've got some solid stuff in the works for upcoming shows.

This Friday (fingers crossed) I will be speaking to the Dirty Projectors in advance of their opening gig for TV on the Radio (who are playing the Burton on Saturday). And I'm headed to Music Trader tomorrow to record and interview Ghost Bees and Timber Timbre (who I've written about on my review blog, Ear To The Sound), which will also be featured. [and hey, if you're in the village tomorrow afternoon, come check out the in-store]

A little firmer are plans for next week's show. My guests that night will be Dog Day (who are coming to town with Julie Doiron and are the most recent feature on Ear To The Sound), The Western States (pictured above, who will be performing a special studio set in advance of their CD release at the recently renovated West End Cultural Centre) and up-and-coming local band The F-Holes.

So that's it for now, but stay tuned to this space for more info and keep your dial fixed at 101.5

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